Web Design & & Development

We let the purpose of the particular web application to drive its design. For Techzium, beautiful interface is not only the one that looks good, good mobile app and web design should also be consistent, user friendly, allow comfortable and logical navigation.

          High user adoption rates are the top priority for us. A very important and largely unique component of many of "Techzium" engagements is a “Clickable Prototype” – an implementation of much of the foreseen screens with transitions but without the underlying logic.

          In our experience when people see the interactions and how pages are arranged and transform they are much more likely to understand and comment on the product than from dry verbal descriptions or even wire-frames embedded in Word Documents.

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Web & Graphic Designer

Design talks a lot about your brand more than the webpage content. Creative and well managed layout provides the unmatched user experience. It is the key for website design success. Hire creative web designers from krishaWeb to get amazing web design solutions for your business. We provide all kinds of web and application design services.

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All Websites
Are Not Created Equal

Just as websites differ by their business objectives, purpose, and function, the

skills and expertise required to build successful websites differ as well. That's why
we have chosen to focus on these types of websites:

Corporate & B2B / B2C Professional Consumer & Direct Marketing Microsites
Custom Web Applications Information Portals Entertainment
E-commerce & Retail Social Networks & Communities Visualization Solutions
Enterprise Intranets/ Extranets Workflow Management / Collaboration

The Recipe for Your Success

Think of a website as an award-winning gourmet dish. It requires a great deal of technique, finesse and the best ingredients in order to produce a culinary masterpiece. Our integrated services and technologies are the ingredients in the recipe for your success.